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Lighting for warehouses and production areas has never been
so powerful yet and so flexible

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The POWER Ellipsis series is the most advanced High Bay LEDvolution has ever presented. Its design is optimised for excellent thermal management. This makes the High Bays more durable and even usable in difficult environmental conditions (-30 ° to + 55 ° C)

High energy cost savings

In warehouses and production areas it is technically challenging to provide sufficient lighting, because of the mostly high premises. Nevertheless, due to the enormous potential savings, a transition to an energy-efficient LED lighting solution lends itself particularly for these applications.

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Thermal Management

On all products of the POWER Ellipsis series, the LED chips are mounted on the board with ample space. Therefore the cooling air can circulate properly. Furthermore, the specially designed heat sink of the lamp body also provides a rapid dissipation of hot air.

In addition, the specially developed driver housing strengthens the degree of heat dissipation. Both components - luminaire and driver design - provide cool operating temperatures, an essential feature for the longevity of the High Bay.

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Lighting which manages itself

LED lighting is insensitive to switching and requires no start-up time. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for use with motion detectors and daylight sensors: It is bright only if needed, the rest of the time the lighting in on standby. Coupled with brightness sensors only the required amount of light is produced to reach the area’s specified illumination level. Intelligent lighting management systems not only reduce the operating costs for lighting but also extend the life of the entire lighting installation.

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Convincing specifications

The POWER Ellipsis is available in three power classes, 120, 150 , 200 , 240 & 300 watts and the efficiency is 110 lm / w at 5 100K. Different colour temperatures, a life span of 45 000 hours at L80 and interchangeable lenses in beam angles of 50, 90 and 120 ° complete the offered lighting specifications.In regards to light management systems options for 1-10V dimming, DALI DIM and ZigBee are available.

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Flexible mounting options

The POWER Ellipsis can be mounted suspended (pendant light), with optional accessory be mounted on the wall or be used as a flood light, which makes it interesting for sports venues.

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Who is LEDvolution?

LED lighting products in high quality at an attractive price. - That is the mission of LEDvolution. A team of experienced specialists develop user-oriented product lines that allow custom lighting solutions for clients from various industries. Recent developments in LED technology are tested in the company-owned laboratory for both, the strict LEDvolution quality criteria, as well as the compliance with the applicable European standards and regulations. LEDvolution is a brand from Austria.

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